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 Lic. Horacio Duran.

Shadow our resident Mustang.

At this facility, we make it possible for you, the busy professional to own a horse and enjoy the freedom of open spaces.

19241 E. Elliot Rd, Mesa AZ., 85212

Horse stables where we rent you a space for your horse.

Self  Care, any  other services to be contracted.

Horses Space, LLC

WiFi available to install a webcam inside the barn and  watch your horse 24/7 from anywhere on your cell phone..

LGBTQ - Welcome.​   

​​Affordable Space for your horse


Inside Barn: 20x30 ft. 18 feet shade: Auto Water. You clean, you feed, (you buy the food). $150 /month

Outside barn: 20x20 feet; 12 feet shade; auto water; you feed, you clean (You buy the food)    $100 /month

Space for horse trailer:                       $40/month

Especial arrangement for feeding and/or other services available as needed.